School District Of Philadelphia Calendar 24-25

The Philadelphia School District Calendar for the 2024-2025 school year lists all the important dates and events for students, parents, and teachers. It shows when there are days off for holidays like Presidents’ Day and Memorial Day, as well as breaks like Spring Break. It also marks important events like parent-teacher conferences and graduation. This calendar helps everyone plan and stay organized for the school year, making it easier for students to do well in their classes and grow as individuals.

Date Event
Friday, February 16 Professional Development (No Classes)
Monday, February 19 School Closed – Presidents’ Day
Tuesday, February 20 School Closed – Presidents’ Day
Thursday, March 14 Parent Conferences (No classes)
Friday, March 15 Parent Conferences (No classes)
Monday, March 25 School Closed – Spring Break
Tuesday, March 26 School Closed – Spring Break
Wednesday, March 27 School Closed – Spring Break
Thursday, March 28 School Closed – Spring Break
Friday, March 29 School Closed – Spring Break
Monday, April 1 Classes resume
Friday, April 26 Professional Development (No Classes)
Friday, May 24 School Closed – Report Writing
Monday, May 27 School Closed – Memorial Day
Friday, June 7 Graduation – buildings close at 11:45am (No ASEP)

Philadelphia School Spring Break 2024

During the Philadelphia School Spring Break 2024, students, teachers, and staff will have time off from their usual school work. It’s from Monday, March 25th to Friday, March 29th. This break is a chance to relax, recharge, and maybe go on adventures for those who want to travel or do fun things. Consider getting your Luggage Tags before you travel! Not only can it help you easily identify your luggage, but it can also add personality and fun to your journey.

Screenshot 6

You can combine travel elements such as map outlines and airplane icons to add personalization. Engraving or printing your name, contact information, and special marks on luggage tags will allow you to quickly find your luggage if it is lost or misplaced. Since the school is closed for the whole week, students can use this time to rest, do things they enjoy, or hang out with family and friends. Have a look at BSD Calendar.

School District Of Philadelphia Calendar 24-25

Highlights and Significance

One important part of the calendar is the professional development days. These are days when teachers can learn and work together to become better at their jobs. For example, there’s one on Friday, February 16th. On these days, teachers attend workshops, training sessions, and plan what they’ll teach, all to make sure students get the best education possible. Check about Duval County School Calendar.

The School District of Philadelphia Calendar for 2024-2025 is not just a list of dates. It’s a plan to help everyone in the school community grow academically, socially, and emotionally. The calendar is carefully made to make sure the school year goes well, with students doing great, parents being involved, and teachers feeling empowered to help students succeed. Get info about James Madison High School Login.

As the school year begins, let’s work together through the important events and experiences that shape our journey in the School District of Philadelphia.