Ouachita Parish School Calendar 2024-2025 : Holidays and Breaks

During the spring break in Ouachita Parish from March 25th to April 1st, students, families, and teachers are getting ready for a much-needed break. Everyone is excited about this week off, which falls around Good Friday and Easter. Since it’s halfway through the school year, spring break is a chance to relax, travel, and spend time with family and friends. People can explore local places, go on trips, or just chill at home. This break gives students a chance to rest, and teachers use the time for training and planning. It’s a time to enjoy the spring season, gather energy, and come back ready for the rest of the school year.

Ouachita Parish (OPSD) School Calendar 2024

Below is a summary of important dates for the academic year, including holidays, last days for students and teachers, as well as graduation ceremonies.

Date Day of Week Status Event
January 15 Monday Holiday Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
February 19 Monday Holiday Presidents’ Day
February 20 Tuesday No Students Mandatory Employee Inservice
March 25 – April 1 Monday-Monday Holiday Spring Break/Good Friday/Easter
May 2 Thursday Seniors Last Day
May 6-9 Monday-Thursday Graduations
May 23 Thursday Students / Paraprofessionals Last Day
May 24 Friday Teachers Last Day
May 27 Monday Holiday Memorial Day
July 4 Thursday Holiday Independence Day


Local Attractions and Activities

If you’re staying close to home for your vacation, West Monroe and nearby places have lots of things to do for everyone. Families can have fun outdoors at places like Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge or Kiroli Park. If you like history, you can visit the Biedenharn Museum and Gardens, where they first bottled Coca-Cola, or explore Antique Alley, a street with old shops selling interesting things. Get info about aps school calendar.

West Monroe Ouachita Parish Spring Break 2024

Family-Friendly Entertainment

During Spring Break, there are lots of things families can do together to have fun. You can visit places like the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo to see different animals and learn new things. If you prefer being indoors, you can go bowling, play games at arcades, or watch movies at the theater with your family. And when you’re hungry, there are plenty of restaurants in West Monroe where you can enjoy tasty food for everyone’s taste buds. School District Of Philadelphia Calendar is also given here.

Travel Opportunities

During Spring Break, some people like to stay near their homes, but others prefer to go on trips to different places. They might go on a road trip to nearby states, relax on a beach along the Gulf Coast, or visit famous tourist spots. Spring Break is a great time to take a break from routine and try new things in new places.

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