LCPS Calendar 24-25 Loudoun County School

The journey begins on August 22, 2024, with the excitement and anticipation of a new academic year palpable in the air. Students reunite with friends, teachers, and the thrill of learning. As the year unfolds, it culminates on June 16, 2025, marking the end of another chapter filled with growth, achievement, and memories.

LCPS Calendar 24-25

The LCPS Calendar is not merely a list of dates; it’s a narrative of educational milestones and community engagement. Here’s a glimpse into what the academic year 2024-2025 holds for the LCPS community:

Date Event
February 9 Holiday (Lunar New Year)
February 19 Holiday (Presidents’ Day)
March 5 Student Holiday
March 25-29 Spring Break
April 4 End of Grading Period
April 5 Student Holiday
April 10 Holiday (Eid al Fitr)
May 27 Holiday (Memorial Day)
June 14 Last Day of School/End of Grading Period

Holidays and Breaks: Throughout the academic year, students can look forward to moments of respite and celebration. From the September Break to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break, these intervals provide opportunities for rejuvenation, family time, and exploration beyond the classroom. Check the answer of Columbus City Schools Closed Today.

Loudoun County School

Special Observances: The LCPS Calendar also honors significant days such as Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, and Memorial Day, fostering a culture of awareness, reflection, and gratitude within the school community.

Planning for Success

For students, parents, and educators, the LCPS Calendar serves as a strategic tool for planning and preparation. Here’s how you can leverage its resources effectively:

Academic Planning: Stay ahead of the curve by noting important academic events, including exam periods, project deadlines, and parent-teacher conferences. Use the calendar as a framework for setting goals and organizing study routines for optimal success. Check Orange County Public Schools Calendar.

Family Engagement: Keep the entire family informed and involved by syncing the LCPS Calendar with personal schedules. Plan vacations, outings, and family activities around school breaks and holidays, ensuring a balance between academic commitments and quality time together.

Community Participation: Explore opportunities for community engagement and enrichment by attending school events, workshops, and extracurricular activities listed in the calendar. Connect with fellow parents, educators, and stakeholders to contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the LCPS community.

Staying Informed: Accessing LCPS Resources

In today’s digital age, staying informed is easier than ever. The LCPS Calendar is just one of many resources available to the school community. Be sure to explore the official LCPS website and social media channels for the latest news, notifications, and updates:

  • Official Website: Access important resources, announcements, and district policies.
  • Social Media: Follow LCPS on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for real-time updates, event highlights, and community engagement opportunities.


As we embark on the academic year 2024-2025, let us embrace the journey ahead with enthusiasm, determination, and a commitment to excellence. The LCPS Calendar serves as our guide, illuminating the path to success and fostering a culture of lifelong learning, collaboration, and growth within the Loudoun County community. Together, let us make this year a memorable chapter in the story of education and empowerment.