JCPS School Calendar 24-25

The JCPS (Jersey City Public Schools) calendar for the academic year 2024-25 is a meticulously crafted plan aimed at providing clarity and structure to students, parents, and educators in Louisville, Kentucky. This calendar serves as a roadmap, outlining the commencement of the school year, scheduled breaks, significant holidays, and essential dates for various events and activities.

JCPS Calendar 2024-25

At the heart of the JCPS calendar lies a commitment to transparency and accessibility. Designed to be user-friendly, the calendar serves as a valuable resource for all stakeholders, ensuring they stay informed and prepared for the academic journey ahead.

Event Dates
Labor Day 9/4
Fall Break 10/4-10/6
Thanksgiving Break 11/22–11/24
Winter Break 12/25–1/5
New Year’s Day 1/1
Martin Luther King Jr. Day 1/15
Spring Break 4/1–4/5
Oaks Day 5/3
Election Days 11/7, 5/21
Memorial Day 5/27


Key Features of the JCPS Calendar

Holiday Dates: The calendar highlights essential holiday periods, granting students and teachers well-deserved breaks to celebrate and recharge. From Thanksgiving Break to Spring Break, these dates offer moments for relaxation and quality time with loved ones. Also check Loudoun County Public Schools Calendar.

 School Calenda

Important Dates: In addition to holidays, the calendar includes significant events and deadlines that students and families should mark on their schedules. From district grading periods to report card distribution dates, these milestones play a crucial role in tracking academic progress and planning ahead.

ACT Registration Deadlines and Test Dates: For high school students preparing for college, the calendar provides vital information on ACT registration deadlines and test dates. This section emphasizes the importance of early planning and preparation for standardized tests, a key step in the college admissions process.

Utilizing the JCPS Calendar

Accessing the JCPS calendar is simple and convenient, empowering students and families to stay organized and informed throughout the academic year. Whether through online platforms or printed copies distributed by schools, the calendar serves as a reliable reference point for planning vacations, scheduling study sessions, and staying ahead of important deadlines. Read about OCPS Spring Break.

JCPS Call Center

In instances where holiday information may not be explicitly mentioned, students and parents can rely on the JCPS Call Center for assistance. This resource ensures clarity and reassurance regarding school closures or operational status, providing peace of mind during uncertain times.


The JCPS School Calendar for the academic year 2024-25 embodies the district’s commitment to excellence, transparency, and community engagement. By providing a comprehensive overview of holiday dates, important events, and testing deadlines, the calendar empowers students and families to navigate the academic year with confidence and clarity. In the dynamic landscape of education, the JCPS calendar stands as a beacon of guidance, fostering a culture of preparedness and success for all stakeholders.