How to Write Social Media Ad Copy That Converts

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Nowadays, more businesses are using social media to advertise their products. This means that the competition level has become stiffer among businesses. If you want your ads to stand out from the competition and convert, you must create a unique, outstanding, and captivating ad copy. This article will guide you on how to do that.

Tips for Writing an Excellent Ad Copy

How do you write a great Ad Copy? Here are tips for sales copy:

Understand Your Audience

A good ad should understand its target audience and focus on them. People only engage with your brand because they need solutions to their problems. When writing an ad copy, you should understand your audience’s pain points and show them how your brand will solve their problems.

Write Short Ad Copies

The average social media user is bombarded with a lot of content to choose from. Therefore, one of the best social media practices is to ensure that your ad copy catches their attention in the shortest time possible. Instead of writing your ads in long texts, use a short and snappy message that your audience can easily relate to Boost Instagram followers through purchase.

Start With a Hook

You can quickly grab people’s attention by including a hook that entices readers to read more in your social media marketing strategy. For instance, you can ask a question in the first line and answer it in the second line to attract readers to continue reading. If you have an offer, make it early enough. This could read something like:

  • Limited time offer. This will add a feeling of scarcity.
  • Get 50% off. Evokes a feeling of savings.
  • Offer ends 31st December. Convey a message of urgency.

Use Compelling Visuals

The main reason why people go to social media is that they want to get entertained. They could be in a grocery store queue, and their patience is running down, so they start scrolling on their top social media pages.  

The fact that they probably have a minute or two on social media means they will only spend time on the most compelling posts or ads. Therefore, if they will watch your ad, you should use compelling visuals and text. Ensure that the image used has a story behind it. The URL, headline, and description should combine well to deliver a persuasive copy.

Align Your Ad Copy With Sales Copy Targeting

You are writing an ad copy because you want your audience to convert. However, you shouldn’t make an ad copy feel like a sales copy on social media. To overcome this challenge, you must create ads for different buying stages.

When creating an ad for the top of the sales funnel, make it light and only let social media users know the existence of your business. After this, you can move to the middle of the sales funnel, where you show them how your business can solve their pain points. At the bottom of the sales funnel, you can now hard sell.

Understand Possible Reasons For a Rejection

When creating an ad copy, you need to understand why your target audience can reject your offer; you should then think of a way of overcoming these rejections. For instance, if you target busy professionals with your product, they could respond that they need more time. To overcome the objection, you can show how easy it is to use the product.

Add an Attention-Grabbing Call To Action

The call to action implores the social media user to take a particular action. Ensure you add a call to action that grabs the user’s attention. This can provide you with the highest conversion on your ad, showing the user how they can get from one point to another. 

Remember that a call to action doesn’t have to be about referring people to your site. You can ask them to take action, like responding in the comments sections or even asking them to tag their friends.

Use Emojis

An old saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is true, then emojis are worth 2,000 words. This is because they communicate a wide range of emotions well and make people easily relate to your brand. They can also be a great way of adding humor to your posts. Therefore, ensure that you use them in your captions.

Final Thoughts

Creating a social media ad copy that converts can be challenging. But on the other hand, it’s doable with some planning, thoughtfulness, and strategy. Remember that this is a talent you need to keep on fostering. Using the above tips, it should be easy for you to write one.