How To Transition To Being An Electrician In Your 30s

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It can be scary to start a new job especially if you are in your 30s. But there is always time to follow your dreams. Getting certified as an electrician is satisfying with many chances to learn and advance. We’ll talk about how you can become an electrician in your 30s. We’ll give you a complete guide to help you change this job from figuring out what skills and hobbies you have to getting hands on training and the proper certifications.

Assess Your Interests And Skills

If you are in your 30s and want to become an electrician, carefully consider your skills and interests. Consider whether you like doing things by hand fixing problems and working in a fast paced workplace. Electricians need to be able to pay close attention to details, think critically and be physically strong. Find out if you want to work with electricity by looking into simple electrical jobs and ideas.

Do some easy electrical jobs around the house or offer to help an electrician out as a helper to learn more about the field. Look at your skills to see if you have the expertise needed for the job. Check how well you can work in various situations such as tight areas, high places and outside. Consider how well you can talk to people since electricians often work with others and talk to clients.

Research The Electrician Career Path

It is essential to learn about the road to becoming an electrician. There are different electricians in the industry, business and household sectors. There are other skills and needs for each path. If you know about these routes you can pick the one that suits your hobbies and objectives.

Look into the job market to determine how many electricians are needed in your area. Check out how electricians can advance in their careers like becoming master electricians or starting their own electrical work business.

Think about how much you could make and the perks of becoming an electrician. Find out what kind of schooling and training you need to become an electrician in your area. Find out if you need to go to a trade school or a training program to get the necessary skills and certifications.

Gain Hands On Experience

It is vital to get hands-on training. To get started look for apprenticeships, internships or entry level jobs. You will learn the skills and gain the information you need to be successful in this field. You can look for training programs with trade groups or area electricians. Most of the time these programs last four to five years and include classroom and on the job training.

Try to get training or entry level jobs with building or electricity companies. These jobs will give you valuable real world knowledge and the chance to learn from people with more years of experience. Do community service projects that require you to work with electricity. This will not only help you understand but it will also let you give back to your community.

Network And Build Relationships

Making connections is essential if you want to become an electrician. Join professional groups, attend events in your field and talk to other workers in the same line of work. Making links can help you get jobs and make valuable contacts in your field. To meet other engineers and workers in your field go to workshops, trade shows and networking events.

Join trade groups like the National Electrical Contractors Association NECA or the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers IBEW. These groups provide networking opportunities, learning materials and developing career growth programs. Use social media sites like LinkedIn to connect with plumbers and others in the same field.

Join electrical related LinkedIn groups to meet other workers and stay current on information and trends in your field. Talk to people in the field to see if you can do informational interviews or job shadowing. Connecting with electricians who have been working for a while can teach you much about the job and help you decide on a career path.

Update Your Resume And Apply For Jobs

Make changes to your resume to showcase your related knowledge and skills. Ensure your resume is specific to the electrician field and highlights your professional skills and hands on experience. Search for openings and apply for jobs that fit your work goals. Make a resume that showcases the knowledge and skills important to the job. Include any applicable training schooling licenses or work experience.

Make your resume fit the job you’re looking for by showing the skills and experience that make you a good fit. To make your resume stand out use action verbs and numbers to show what you’ve done. You can use job search websites and online job boards for electricity jobs. To contact companies and managers make accounts on professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

You should only apply for jobs that match your skills, experience and work goals. For each job application make sure your cover letter is unique and shows why you want the job and how your skills and experience make you a good choice. After sending in your application, contact the companies to let them know you’re still interested in the job and find out what is happening with your application.


If you are determined and well prepared, becoming an electrician in your 30s is a possible and satisfying job move. To do well in this area consider your skills and hobbies, learn about the job path and get work experience. Remember to get the licenses and titles you need to connect with other pros and keep your resume current.

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