Chase Freedom 5 Calendar : Key Dates and Categories Explained

Chase Freedom credit card holders eagerly anticipate the quarterly announcements of its 5% cash-back categories, offering substantial rewards on everyday purchases. Understanding these categories and their activation dates is crucial for maximizing savings throughout the year. Here’s an overview of the 2024 calendar and what each quarter has in store.

Chase Freedom 5 Calendar

January to March (Closed)

The first quarter of 2024 featured bonus categories tailored to everyday essentials and self-care, catering to a variety of consumer needs:

  • Grocery stores: This encompassed purchases made at grocery stores, excluding larger retail establishments like warehouse clubs.
  • Fitness clubs and gym memberships: Included expenses related to fitness and health memberships.
  • Self-care and spa services: Covered expenditures on personal wellness and relaxation services.


April to June (Closed)

Moving into the second quarter, the focus shifted to leisure and dining experiences, with an emphasis on travel and entertainment:

  • Hotel stays and experiences: Included accommodations and related experiences during travel.
  • Restaurants: Covered dining expenses at restaurants, allowing cardholders to earn rewards while dining out.
  • Qualifying Amazon purchases: Included eligible purchases made on, supporting online shopping convenience. Don’t miss to check Olentangy School Calendar.

July to September (Activate Now)

Currently active, the third quarter of 2024 targets activities involving transportation, entertainment, and leisure:

  • Gas stations: Offers rewards on fuel purchases made at gas stations, excluding non-specialized sellers like truck stops and home heating companies.
  • EV charging: Includes payments for electric vehicle charging at designated stations, but excludes residential charging and equipment purchases.
  • Movie theaters: Rewards apply to tickets purchased at traditional and drive-in movie theaters, excluding in-theater purchases of food, beverages, and merchandise.
  • Select live entertainment: Encompasses tickets for various live events such as sports games, theatrical productions, zoos, and carnivals, excluding purchases from hotels, concierge services, and certain entertainment venues. Food Bank Distribution Schedule is also available here.

October to December (To Be Announced)

The fourth quarter categories for 2024 will be unveiled on September 15, offering insights into the holiday season rewards opportunities. Historically, this period often focuses on festive shopping and seasonal activities.

How to Maximize Chase Freedom 5% Cash Back

To make the most of Chase Freedom’s 5% cash-back categories, cardholders must activate each quarter’s bonuses via their Chase account or by visiting the designated activation page. Activation typically opens several weeks before the start of the new quarter and must be completed to earn the higher rewards rate.

  • Stay Informed: Regularly check Chase’s communications for updates and reminders about upcoming categories and activation dates.
  • Plan Ahead: Align major purchases and expenses with the current quarter’s bonus categories to maximize cash-back earnings.
  • Use the Right Payment Method: Ensure all qualifying purchases are paid using the Chase Freedom card to receive the 5% cash-back rewards.
  • Track Spending: Monitor spending to ensure it aligns with the quarterly category limits and terms to maximize rewards without overspending.

The Chase Freedom 5% cash-back calendar for 2024 offers a diverse range of categories aimed at rewarding everyday spending habits. By strategically activating and utilizing these categories, cardholders can significantly enhance their savings and enjoy additional benefits throughout the year. For those considering the Chase Freedom card or already in possession of one, understanding and leveraging these quarterly bonuses can make a substantial impact on overall financial management and rewards accumulation.