BYU Academic Calendar 2024: Important Academic Deadlines

The academic year at Brigham Young University (BYU) is set to be a dynamic and engaging time for both students and faculty. With a variety of events, deadlines, and holidays, the 2024 academic calendar is designed to help students manage their studies while enjoying university life. Below is a detailed breakdown of the key dates and events throughout the year.

BYU Academic Calendar 2024-2025

Here is a table detailing important events and deadlines for the academic year spanning from January 1, 2024, to January 1, 2025. These events include holidays, start and end dates for classes, add/drop deadlines, withdrawal deadlines, and exam periods.

Date Event
Jun 4, 2024 Spring Term Withdraw Deadline
Jun 17, 2024 Last Day of Class
Jun 17, 2024 Withdraw Deadline (Full Semester)
Jun 18, 2024 Exam Preparation Day
Jun 19, 2024 Juneteenth
Jun 20-21, 2024 Final Exam Day
Jun 22, 2024 New Student Orientation
Jun 24, 2024 Start of Classes (1st day)
Jun 27, 2024 Spring Term Grades Due
Jul 1, 2024 Add/Drop Deadline
Jul 1, 2024 Spring Term Grades Online
Jul 4, 2024 Independence Day
Jul 24, 2024 Pioneer Day
Jul 30, 2024 Summer Term Withdraw Deadline
Aug 12, 2024 Last Day of Class
Aug 13, 2024 Exam Preparation Day
Aug 14-15, 2024 Final Exam Day
Aug 19-23, 2024 Education Week
Aug 21, 2024 Summer Term Grades Due
Aug 23, 2024 Summer Term Grades Online
Aug 26-28, 2024 University Conference
Aug 29-31, 2024 New Student Orientation
Sep 2, 2024 Labor Day
Sep 3, 2024 New Student Orientation
Sep 4, 2024 Start of Classes (1st day)
Sep 11, 2024 Add/Drop Deadline (Full Semester & 1st Term)
Oct 8, 2024 1st Term Withdraw Deadline
Oct 21, 2024 Last Day of 1st Term
Oct 22, 2024 First Day of 2nd Term
Oct 29, 2024 2nd Term Add/Drop Deadline
Nov 25, 2024 Withdraw Deadline (Full Semester & 2nd Term)
Nov 25, 2024 Friday Instruction
Nov 27, 2024 No Classes
Nov 28, 2024 Thanksgiving
Nov 29, 2024 Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec 11, 2024 Last Day of Class
Dec 12, 2024 Exam Preparation Day
Dec 13-18, 2024 Final Exam Day
Dec 24, 2024 Christmas Holiday
Dec 25, 2024 Christmas Holiday
Dec 27, 2024 Fall Semester Grades Due
Dec 30, 2024 Fall Semester Grades Online
Dec 31, 2024 New Years Holiday
Jan 1, 2025 New Years Holiday


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BYU Fall Semester 2024 Schedule Academic

Byu Spring Day 2024

As students enjoy the nice weather of spring, they’re thinking about the deadline to drop classes for the Spring Term, which is on June 4, 2024. This means they have to decide soon which classes they want to stay in. Also check Aps Calendar.

The BYU Academic Calendar for 2024 is packed with important dates and events that guide students through their academic journey. From orientation sessions and holidays to deadlines and exam periods, it’s essential for students to stay informed and organized to make the most of their university experience. By keeping track of these key dates, students can effectively balance their academic responsibilities with personal and extracurricular activities, ensuring a fulfilling and successful year at BYU.

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